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WP 1 - Management

 WP leader : MEDES

The management WP will consist in two main tasks with the following objectives:
  • To manage the project ensuring that the project achieves its objectives within the allocated resources and to support all the administrative, contractual and financial parts.
  • To coordinate the project activities, by ensuring and facilitating the communication within the project, and supporting the project dissemination and outreach.

Description of work and role of partners

WP1.1 Management
- Leader MEDES
The coordinator of the project will be responsible of the contractual and financial management of the project and will be the main contact point with the Commission services. In this context, he will be responsible of the distribution of funds and focal point for gathering and integrating all the information needed for the contractual milestones of the project (Interim activity reports, financial statements, Reviews-related documents and final report). The coordinator will monitor the provision of the various projects deliverables in the terms presented in the description of work.
Project management will be coordinated by a team including the project manager assisted by an administrative support for administrative and financial issues. The coordinator will implement and follow the contracts, ensure the financial management and will make sure that the project time line is respected taking when necessary corrective actions with the project team. The project manager will follow the whole progress of the project and will control the deliverables. The management task will include organisation of the meetings and reporting to EU and to the partners.
A web site with an access restricted to the partners will be implemented to support the project management providing an easy access to the documents produced by the project. Web conferencing services will be used for collaborative work.

WP1.2 Coordination
- leader MEDES
The project coordination will be performed within the project team, on a daily base, and through audio conferences and project meetings. The project team members will be mandated to take any decision on the project objectives non affecting the allocated resources, and will be responsible for refining the work plan as far as it complies with the EU contract. In case of a major issue, the project team will elaborate recommendations for modifications of the work plan and contractual changes to be submitted to EU by the coordinator.
MEDES will provide access to audio conference and web conferencing facilities and make the link with the ULISSE EU project. SCK-CEN with ensure the link with the THESEUS EU project.