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WP 2 - Scientific and technical roadmap

 WP leader : SCK

  • Review of current knowledge on microbial contamination control in space crafts, which will encompass a comprehensive literature study and the identification of shortcomings in the current available data and technologies
  • Identification experiments and data sets needed for improvement via predictive modelling of microbial biocontamination
  • The proposition of a future scientific and technical roadmap for space application

Description of work and role of partners

WP 2.1 State of the art / Current issues and procedures
  Leader : IBMP
Description of the state-of-the-art dealing with the microbial contamination control in spacecrafts (across space agencies):
  • Description of Current microbial standards & limits imposed (MORD)
  • Description of Sanitary control procedures implemented
  • Description of Microbial contamination observed

WP 2.2 Requirements of the modelling approach  Leader : VTT
A bibliographical survey will be done, and the existing tools for modelling of dispersion of airborne microbial contamination, and their relevance to confined environments seeded with biological aerosols (originating from human activity), will be described. Different domains (air and surfaces contamination) and the latest research in indoor contamination will be addressed. The critical parameters required for a predictive model, applicable to spacecraft and space environments, will be identified.

WP 2.3 Lessons learnt and roadmap  Leader: SCK•CEN
Based on the data provided by WP 2.1, WP2.2 and the results collected during this project, detailed research recommendations to improve microbial contamination control in closed environments will be identified and reported.