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WP 3 - BIOS Facility management

 WP leader : IBP

- Provide access to BIOS facility
- Manage the facility: add required equipment, set parameters of the facility...

Description of work and role of partners

WP 3.1 Capabilities of BIOS facility
  Leader: IBP
A strong communication between IBP and IBMP will provide the contamination conditions of the BIOS-3 living module by the chosen microorganisms’ strains, maintaining of necessary options of their vital activity, conducting of the microbiological analysis required. IBP will render assistance VTT with production and dispersion of physical particles in the BIOS-3 during preparation and performing of the experiment aiming at developing the model. That will enable to identify the need of additional specific monitoring equipment in BIOS-3 that will provide the missing necessary data.

WP 3.2 Access and support to experiment Leader: IBP.
IBP will ensure the access to the BIOS facility. IBP ensures the BIOS-3 operability throughout the project investigations. During the experiments, IBP will be in charge of settings of the environmental parameters according to the experiments design. IBP will provide engineering-technical preparation of the BIOS-3 living module for the microbiological researches’ conducting scheduled within the given project. Additional ventilating equipment will be installed to secure necessary conditions of airflows rates and directions supplying optimal microflora distribution in the BIOS-3 living module. The facility will be outfitted by necessary equipment to analyze the atmosphere composition of the living module where the main investigations will be implemented. The project partners will be provided the possibilities to install their devices necessary for the project execution. The VTT equipment will be used in the BIOS-3 to produce physical particles in the frame of project modeling experiment.

WP 3.3 Specific monitoring equipment
Leader: IBP
IBP will secure the specified parameters of environmental parameters’ variations to study behaviour peculiarities
of microorganisms’ strains selected for the project tasks. The main attention will be concentrated on sustaining of the environmental parameters: temperature, humidity, airflow rates and directions. IBP will create distribution maps of temperature and humidity regimes in the BIOS-3 living module under specified conditions of airflows. It is planned to provide in on-line regime the environmental parameters registered. IBP will support the telemetry system for video observation and remote continuous monitoring by the institutions-participants in the given project of the BIOS-3 living module via Internet. In this connection additional engineering-technical works on modernization of the BIOS-3 telecommunication system will be carried out.

WP 3.4 Physical characterisation Leader: VTT
This WP will provide the data needed to the calibration of the physical model. IBP will set the facility on various configurations, following the requirements of VTT, in order to create this data.

WP 3.5 Decontamination 
Leader: IBMP
Before and after each experiment the facility will be decontaminated. Air purification will use the apparatus “POTOK”. The given apparatus will be assigned by the IBMP. Surface cleaning will be done before and after the experiments using a 3 % aquatic solution of Hydrogen peroxide. Decontamination will be performed by wiping method of opened surfaces and by aerosolizing the surfaces with complex configuration.